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General Practitioners Of UK Unconvinced About AI Replacing Them

In a British study published in the journal PLOS ONE, led Charlotte Blease, Ph.D., postdoctoral researcher, and Fulbright Medical Market researcher Beth Israel Deaconess (BIDMC) and colleagues, examined the attitudes of primary care physicians to the instant impact on health professions. With regard to predictions for the future of medicine, British general practitioners were usually disbelieving that they could be totally replaced by AI.

Blease and her colleagues interviewed physicians about the likelihood that future technology could completely replace the average GP for six different medical tasks such as diagnosis; forecasts; evaluate when patients are referred to specialists; formulate personalized treatment plans for patients; take care of empathy, and update patient documentation such as medical records.

About half of the GPs interviewed for the probability of AI replacing them to make predictions in the future. 80% of respondents considered that it is likely or very likely that future technologies are capable of the tasks related to patient documentation and would take full authority of updating medical records.

However, the vast majority of British physician’s survey states that 94% thought it was unlikely or very unlikely that technology is capable of understanding patient care as good or better than the average doctor. In the UK, nearly seven out of ten GPs that were interviewed believe that it was unlikely or very unlikely that future technologies could outperform the average doctor for patient diagnosis; and more than 60% of GPs believe it unlikely or very unlikely to replace doctors to decide the technology when patients to specialists, and a similar number of GPs surrogates cynical about drawing up personalized treatment plans.

For their general disbelief of AI, the study found that doctors seemed positive about the future of technology that can perform some automated tasks such as paperwork.

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