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The Congo Ebola Outbreak Threatens Many Cities In The Country

The spread of the Ebola virus, especially from some of the rural regions is now being much-feared by the public. The spread is mainly from some of the regions of the Democratic Republic of Congo and it is spreading over the larger cities while crossing the border and entering into the neighboring countries as well, thus making things even worse for the people. The CDC, which is the Center for Disease control and Prevention, recently reported that the outbreak which is going on is actually occurring in some of the worst locations which include the provinces of Ituri as well as North Kivu, as these cities are heavily populated.

These are also trading heavily with Uganda and Rwanda, while going across the border, and the security situation is getting worse with time because of the chaotic as well as violent insurrection. The hopes for improved stability have experienced a setback because of many reasons. The health minister in the region also warned the public against the rise in the number of cases of Ebola, mainly in the cities such as Butembo, which is a very large city located in the North Kivu province and it also has a trade hub with cities like Rwanda as well as Uganda.

The international health officials have also warned the public against the depletion of the vaccine stockpiles that help in managing the same, The cities Rwanda and Uganda seem to have already prepared the contingency plans and the Red Cross is doing its bit by putting together some of the rapid response teams. IT had already warned about the outbreak of the same which could spread rapidly as the country has quite a little experience when it comes to dealing with Ebola and other such viruses. A way needs to be found out soon in order to effectively manage the situation before things go further out of hand.

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