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Heart Attack’s Golden Hours Of Life

The Deputy Program Manager of the Non-Communicable Diseases Control Program Dr. Afua Commey has reported that the people suffering a heart attack have a chance of reversing their attack which may sound bewildering but is factual. The time period during the attack is known as the golden hour wherein the heart specialists are given a chance to work wonders using medications or magical skills so as to save the lives of many sufferers.

After the attack strikes, the golden hour is the most vital period during which the people have to consider the warning signs and take in the necessary treatments. The anti-clotting drugs are first and foremost prescribed to the patients within the 3 Hours so as to give them a chance to withstand the option of total recovery. The number of strokes among the youngsters is on an upscale owing to changes in lifestyle including over alcohol consumption, smoking, and unlimited stress levels. Nowadays stroke is something that has no age bar as it is happening to youths in their 20s as well. The stroke cuts down the overall supply of oxygen and blood to the brain and hence can also be referred to as “brain attack.” The artery blockage by blood clots or cholesterol and also the brain blood clots or fatty debris accumulation can, in turn, lead to strokes. The hemorrhagic stroke which is breaking of blood vessels in the brain due to hypertension or other complications is also known to occur in 30% of the people.

Researchers have changed their perspective towards the augmented reality’s potential and proved that the cardiologists can image myocardial scarring in the heart at the time of ventricular tachycardia ablation or additional electrophysiological procedures. Jihye Jang and his team from the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center findings demonstrate that complex 3D MR information can be obtained through computer-generated information using a novel self-contained AR device.

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