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Another 63 People Fall Sick From Contaminated Beef Says CDC


A large group of people have fallen ill by eating contaminated beef. According to the report another 63 people have been affected, taking the total number of those taken sick at 120 in 22 states of Arizona. The beef was distributed by JBS Tolleson. It was sold by large number of chains, including Sam’s Club and Walmart.

According to the report of Disease Control and Prevention 33 people have been sent to the hospital. According to the one report of hospital these people are suffering from severe infection, but fortunately, there have been no casualties so far.

The consumers who are using ground beef with the established number of “EST.267” are advised to check the USDA-FSIS website for a list of stores from where beef was recalled. This contaminated beef was sold under different brand names by different stores. So by using established mark you can easily identify the beef that has been recalled. They also said that if any one finds a store selling this type of beef, they should immediately inform to local authorities.

According to one independent report this beef was having different labels like Cedar River Farms, Gourmet Burger, JBS generic, Walmart and Grass Run Farm Natural Beefs. The beef was sold at different stores like Walmart Store in Colorado, New Mexico, Nevada and Texas.

CDC has strictly said that, this beef is not safe for human consumption and should be returned immediately to the store or thrown away. They also released the advisory saying that, people should contact the health care provider or emergency health care service provider if they are feeling sick after eating this beef.

The symptoms can be like diarrhea, fever and stomach camps. They have said that if you feel these symptoms within 12-72 hours then one should get medical assistance. The authorities have also said that this illness may last for 4-7 hours so there is no cause of worry or panic as most people are able to recover without any treatment.

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