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Intel Starts AI Research Hub In Israel

Intel has declared plans to start a joint AI research lab in Israel. The hub will be operated in partnership with Technion (Israel Institute of Technology) and Intel AI Research. Besides Intel operations in the United States on the West Coast, Intel AI Research has headquarters in Beijing, China; Bangalore, India; Munich, Germany; and one in Haifa—that has often used graduates from Technion.

Scientists contributing to the mutual AI research hub will be selected from the school’s electrical engineering, computer science, and industrial engineering sections.

“Technion aims to extend its plans in the fields of intelligent technology and machine learning in the coming few years, and the joint partnership with Intel is one of the first measures for this cause. We are operating to gather unprecedented resources to fund fundamental research in this area and to parallely work with top firms such as Intel to promote apps in a broad range of fields, comprising autonomous vehicles, healthcare, industrial & home robots, smart environments, and more,” professor Boaz Golany of Technion, claimed to the media in an interview.

On a similar note, Mapbox, the US-located mapping firm, earlier joined hands with Intel, Microsoft, and others to offer maps for self-driving vehicles. Mapbox offers the original maps in other applications such as Instacart and Snapchat instead of the application itself.

“Our freshly announced Vision SDK incorporates with IoT platform of Microsoft Azure. This joint venture enhances the driving experience within the car and creates road information in the background to fuel analytic solutions for insurance companies, smart cities, and more,” claimed CEO at Mapbox, Eric Gundersen, to the media in an interview.

The prospect of location will be developing real-time live maps from dispersed sensor networks integrated in mobile devices and vehicles at scale. The Vision SDK operates neural networks straightly on a mobile device of the user.

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