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Apple Watch DST Error Leaves Series 4 Devices In A Loop

Apple, a well-known technology firm, is said to be struggling with the daylight saving time (DST) problems from last few years. Few Apple Watch Series 4 users from Australia stated that their gadgets are still trapped in the reboot loops. Seemingly, it is due to an error in the Infograph Activity. Reportedly, Australia just switched to DST and advanced its watch by an hour. This seems to be the reason for causing problems with Apple’s latest Series 4 Watch. The Series 4’s Infograph Modular face doesn’t have any idea about handling a day that is an hour short.

Reportedly, some customers were successful in changing the face with the help of iPhone’s Watch app. Whilst this seems like a momentary issue, it could be a regular one as there is no solution for the same. The only dependable solution for this situation might be to keep waiting for the shortened day to end. In North America, DST is supposed to end on November 4, 2018.

On a similar note, Apple came into news as it announced that it is bringing more than 70 brand new emojis to its latest update. These emojis are the part of iOS 12.1 package from Apple. Earlier this summer, Apple disclosed a sample of what users might look forward to getting in Apple’s iOS 12.1 update. This teaser included images of lobster, kangaroo, and cupcake, along with a set of superheroes.

With this addition, users might see a wave of such other emoticons that they will enjoy sharing with their family and friends. These emoticons include swan, frisbee, raccoon, hiking boot, lacrosse stick, skateboard, bagel, and salt shaker, amongst others. Also with the latest update, users will be able to access numerous character faces with a unique quality of adaptable expressions and hairstyles.

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