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Cops Take Down Fake BPO That Spooked Microsoft Users

Early this week, a call center would take thousands of dollars each month by frightening citizens of America about their Microsoft software being infected by different malwares. An investigation into the scandal last week busted by Delhi Police Cyber Cell has unveiled that minimum a dozen more call centers might be working with a same modus operandi.

Anyesh Roy, DCP (cyber cell), claimed that out of the 24 individuals taken into custody over the last month from various parts of the country, minimum 4 of them were kingpins with authorization to the user database. They accused that these 4 had been working out of call centers in the country.

The culprits had set up BPOs with lawful clients, but are also running the fraud on the other hand. This was done to make sure that their crime stayed undetected. “A team of 100 members of Cyber Cell verified 10 locations from which the centers were being managed. Several individuals were investigated before the police narrowed in on the 4 suspects,” claimed DCP Roy.

Speaking of Microsoft, earlier the firm rolled out new AI (Artificial Intelligence)-fueled capabilities for its Microsoft 365. These abilities will permit individuals in a company to create on-demand and live events. Events can now be seen on-demand or in real-time, with interactive discussion and high-definition video, the firm claimed to the media in an interview.

Rolled out a year ago, the acceptance of Microsoft 365 has developed by over 100% building on more than 200 Million commercial devices for Windows 10 in employment, 135 Million commercial monthly Office 365 consumers, and more than 65 Million seats of Security + Enterprise Mobility.

“Now, we are rolling new methods by which Microsoft 365 links users all over their organization and enhances collaboration patterns, comprising new AI-based abilities,” claimed Corporate Vice President at Microsoft, Ron Markezich, to the media in an interview.

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