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Google Makes Fun Of Super Selfie Mode Speculations

Lately Google made fun of one of the rumors that were surfacing on the Internet. The rumor showed the arrival of a 3rd Pixel 3 handset dubbed as the “Pixel 3 Ultra.” The handset was rumored to be the biggest one in the series. But Google later posted a picture on Instagram displaying a “small phone” so as to make fun of the “Ultra” handset. And now, the company has done it one more time, talking about one more rumor that existed at some point on the web.

The search behemoth has selected the same manner—but a different mean—similar to the previous time to clear fog on the “Super Selfie Mode” feature that has also been speculated. Even though the last previous time it made fun of the rumor, now the company is offering no comments on it. “The web has rumored that there is a ‘Super Selfie Mode’ arriving. Sorry web—no comment,” claims the tweet by “Made by Google.”

As for the picture that is posted, Google displays a handset, which almost certainly is the Pixel 3 with a large lens coming out of it and a lifted back panel along with a post-it sticker stating “Super Selfie Mode.”

Speaking of Google, as per a media report, the Google Pixel 3 XL and Google Pixel 3 will not launch with the conventional touchscreen buttons. This indicates that with Google Pixel 3 XL and Google Pixel 3 XL, consumers will receive gesture-supported navigation. The screen will have the back and home button that will be placed on the left and will come into view only when it is required.

The report additionally claims that the firm made a decision to do away with the multitasking button. This is because the company’s consumer diagnostics indicate that only handful of people employs it on standard basis.

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