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Microsoft Develops Headphones That Apple Should Have Launched Years Ago

Apple owns Beats and Samsung owns Harman, but neither of the superbrands has ever developed an appropriate set of headphones. So, it is frankly astonishing to see Microsoft come up with the Surface Headphones, a feature-packed, clean, and powerful pair of devices.

The Surface Headphones has a design language that balances the aesthetic of Microsoft Surface. Off-white, with the Microsoft logo and crisp geometric lines, the Surface Headphones are instantaneously associated to the OS brand. They connect with the Surface, permitting you to accept & make calls, play music, and even summon Cortana (voice AI by Microsoft). The headphones have two 40mm drivers that offer sound that must give the AirPods a tough challenge for its money. They also have an imposing playback time of 15 Hours, which is 3 times more as much as other wireless devices.

The device comes with capacitive touch panels on both side, enabling you to accept-reject calls and play-pause-skip songs. Surrounding these panels are big rotating knobs. The left-located knob regulates volume, while the right one allows you to regulate noise-cancellation.

On a similar note, Microsoft earlier rolled out Microsoft News. It is a news platform that curates news from all over the Internet and gives them to the Microsoft feed of the consumers, the media claimed. The newly refurbished application for Android and iOS platforms will also fuel news on the News app in Windows 10, Microsoft Edge, Xbox, Skype, and

“Microsoft has been curating headlines since MSN was rolled out in 1995. But almost more than 2 Decades later the way we see news and journalism have altered,” the media claimed this week. The app fundamentally organizes news into the well-liked format of thumbnail pictures along with headlines, select for the full article, and simple to scroll through options.

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