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Netflix Uses 15% Of The Internet All Over The World

“Ozark,” “Stranger Things,” and “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt” are consuming up a huge amount of the Internet all over the world. As per Sandvine (the bandwidth management firm), Netflix eats up a gigantic 15% of global traffic on the Internet.

Sandvine, in its “2018 Global Internet Phenomena Report,” remarks that this number is specifically impressive in the middle of ever-increasing and steep competition for consumers’ screen time and attention from social networking & gaming platforms, and other streaming websites, such as HBO Go, Hulu, and Amazon Prime amongst others. Netflix also advantages from being part of the limitless video streaming package that many mobile firms provide their users, the report claimed.

Goldman credits Netflix’s success to its formation of domestic content. After its release of “Sacred Games” in July (its first series produced and written for Indian audience) downloads of the Netflix app increased 4 times, as compared to an earlier month.

On a similar note, Interbrand recently declared in its 2018 Best Global Brands report that Google, Apple, and Amazon are the 3 most valuable companies, with retail and luxury as the two major sectors. Now in its nineteenth year, the report studies the point that brand strength has an important role in the bold evolution of the leading businesses all over the world.

In 2018, the list mentions three re-entrants and two new entrants. For the first time, Subaru at #100 (USD $4,214 Million) and Spotify joins at #92 (USD $5,176 Million). Chanel, after 2009, enters again at #23 (USD $20,005 Million). Hennessy also re-enters at #98 (USD $4,722 Million) after 2009, and Nintendo returns after 2017 at #99 (USD $4,696 Million).

“A decade after the worldwide financial crisis, the companies that are developing quickest are those that instinctively recognize their clients and make brave iconic decisions that deliver & delight in new manners,” claimed Global Chief Executive Officer at Interbrand, Charles Trevail, to the media in an interview.

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