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New iPhones Might Offer Samsung A Reason To Rejoice

If there is one firm that never misses out a chance to take on Apple, then it is Samsung. This can be seen in Samsung ads—particularly for the Galaxy S9—that seem like the ads made for iPhones since they talk more about Cupertino-based behemoth. It is no secret that the tech brand from South Korean and Apple are sworn enemies when it comes to handsets. On the other hand, Samsung has a big reason to thank its nemesis as the new Apple smartphones appear to have given its income a huge boost. How? Well, Samsung manufactures the OLED screens, which are in the XS iPhones, for Apple and it has done a lot of good in its business.

Samsung (without offering exact figures) unveiled lately that it is anticipating an increment in its quarterly profits. As per a media report, the big increment is being credited to earnings arriving from display business of the firm. The media report quotes an analyst who claims that 3 big profit catalysts for the previous quarter in Samsung’s business are its consumer electronics, memory chip business, and display.

On a similar note, the company’s Galaxy J6 rolled out in May and the J8 sold from July have been performing well, each trading 50,000 each day, claims Samsung. In an appeal to teens, the handsets have a new feature dubbed as “chat over video” that permits consumers to see videos without disruption even as they text. This is possible due to a translucent keyboard.

To be certain, Samsung has long ruled the premium section of the handset market in India and functions such as “chat over video,” developed at its R&D center in India, underlines its tech ability. It has also developed a broad retail network in the nation. But Samsung, which clocked sluggish profit development in April–June, recognizes that it has to do something different in India if it wished to evade harsh lessons meted out in China.

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